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desperate desires and unadmirable plans

i'm not alone 'cause the tv's on

I'm just another teenager finding their niche in life. My journal is filled with random things, but usually just recaps of "special" days. There's some angst, but not a lot, I don't think. There's bitching, but that's pretty entertaining to be honest. I don't take myself very seriously, and I've slowly been trying to take life, in general, less seriously. No, that doesn't mean I want to stop caring about school and family, but rather I just want to take the negative things less seriously. I live with severe depression and social anxiety disorder, so my journal will sometimes have posts that evaluate these and other mental disorders. Infact, my plan is to major in biomedical engineering, specifically neuroscience, and specialize in mental disorders, so I can well .. make them better? I don't know. I'm not your typical teenager, or so I've been told as I've been growing up. But then, everyone claims the same, so whatever.